Carlisle Leather 3 Seater Sofa Vintage Brown


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Care & Details

The Carlisle leather sofa collection boasts luxury and sophistication with a contemporary twist. The character of each piece is brought to life thanks to its high quality, genuine leather and club-sofa style that’s both tailored, chic and soft. Available in a range of colours, it’s sure to fit effortlessly into your desired space. While the beauty of the Carlisle sofa range simply cannot be surpassed, its cosy and relaxed nature is a true feature of the collection. Crafted with pocket spring seating and highback cushions for comfort, this leather range is the perfect addition to your home’s unique décor and is ideal for the entire family.

  • The Carlisle leather sofa collection boasts sophistication and luxury with a contemporary twist. 
  • Its warm and rich colour brings the true character of this collection to life. 
  • The Carlisle sofa range is crafted with genuine vintage leather, pocket spring seating and high-back cushions for comfort - perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Dimensions: Height 880 x Width 2100 x Depth 950mm

Care Instructions: Natural leather will wrinkle, however with correct care and maintenance it will not split, or crack. Panel texture and mark variations are common on all leather sofas and should be embraced as a part of the individuality and uniqueness of the piece.

To avoid fading, it’s best not to expose your sofa to direct sunlight. Your sofa should be placed at least 50 – 100cm away from any heat source. If you have pets, please be careful with them around your new leather sofa. Pets can damage your sofa through chew marks, claws and oil residue from their fur.

For everyday cleaning, a quick wipe over with a clean, slightly damp cloth is all that is required. This can be done once a month to maintain the leather’s softness. Dust your sofa weekly using a clean dry and non – abrasive white cloth.

Remove spills rapidly from the surface by dabbing with absorbent cloth or paper towel. Don’t allow the leather to become wet. Allow leather to dry naturally. Do not clean the leather with chlorine based or abrasive cleaners.

The Guardsman warranty kit will cover most food and beverage spills/ stains, as well as bodily fluids (e.g. sweat and blood), however, it will not cover damage caused by pets (e.g. scratches and tears).

Technical Details:

  • Each frame is constructed from sustainably sourced solid pine. To further strengthen the frame, (EU standard) engineered wood is added for additional durability and stability. This ensures the frame’s longevity.
  • Each sofa’s base is made with zig-zag springs to ensure that it doesn’t sag over time.
  • All of our leather sofas, except for the Urban range, are made with pocket springs in the seating for added support and comfort. Pocket springs also ensure that your sofa doesn’t become flat over time and will provide you with the most comfortable seat possible.
  • The springs are heat treated for elasticity and are encased in a layer of high-density foam with a layer of fiber filled pillow top to create a slightly firmer but more comfortable seat. 
  • The backing of each sofa are webbed to create a hammock for your backing cushions and to ensure that your sofa remains truly comfortable.
  • The legs are made from rubber-wood, an exceptionally durable timber, perfect for home-furnishings.
  • The back cushions are fibre filled for added comfort.
  • Genuine leather has been used for the seating of each sofa - genuine leather is luxurious and soft making your sofa perfectly inviting and comfortable - ideal for the entire family to enjoy.
  • Split leather has been used on the non-contact areas of the sofa for added durability.
  • Each sofa is finished with a transparent protective coating to ensure the longevity of the leather.