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Astoria Concrete Round Dining Table 140cm

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Care & Details

The circular Astoria dining table is a glamorous piece that is influenced by the stunning Art Deco era. As a space saving dining table, it’s perfect for your kitchen or dining room, yet offers a wonderfully social dynamic as all diners face each other. Featuring a chic concrete-blend table top, this round dining table is set upon a beautifully decorative and sturdy iron base.

  • Comfortably seats 4 people
  • Glamorous Art Deco design
  • Concrete mixed with fibreglass top
  • Decorative and sturdy iron base
  • Social dynamic as all diners face each other
  • No sharp corners
  • Perfect for smaller dining rooms or to make a big statement

 Dimensions: Height 770mm x Diameter 1400mm

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Technical Details

  • Concrete mixed with fibreglass top
  • Acrylic top coat finish
  • Iron base
  • Grey paint and clear powder coat finish
Country of Origin: Vietnam

Concrete Care Instructions:

  • Clean with warm water and a non-abrasive cloth.
  • Clean up excess water and spills immediately, using a blotting rather than a wiping action. If water is left on the surface for a long period of time, it can mark the finish.
  • Avoid using or spilling products that are oil or petroleum based, acidic or caustic, e.g. vinegar, citrus, sodas, chlorine, nail polish remover etc.
  • Water based water-proofing sealer can be applied for added protection against spills.

Metal Care Instructions:

  • Simply wipe down occasionally with a damp cloth to remove any dust and debris.
  • Metal surfaces can be maintained by using the Guardsman metal protector, but care should be taken as to not get the solution in contact with any other materials.
  • Recommended to always follow the application instructions printed on the product.