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Bed Base King Single for Mattress 1070 X 2040mm Chestnut


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Care & Details

Create the bedroom of your dreams of with our range of stylish bed bases. Intricately crafted from timber, each base features a sturdy set of flat slats with a simple elegance that allows you to style your slumberland to suit your personal décor. Whether you prefer coastal, contemporary, classic or urban, our bed bases are neutral to fit any setting while remaining timeless, comfortable and practical.

  • Each base is crafted with timber slats and a timber frame.
  • Our base collection contains king, queen and double bed sizes.
  • No matter what your style of choice, our bed bases are the perfect choice for your desired space.
  • The bed bases are very easy to assemble.

Dimensions: Width 1070mm x Length 2040mm x Height 300mm

Mattress sold separately

Technical Details:

  • Each base’s frame is crafted from poplar timber (poplar timber is taken from the poplar tree and is typically a popular choice for use in furniture because it is straight grained with a fine texture).
  • Each base’s flat slats are crafted from laminated pine
  • 35cm high with a clearance of 23cm

Dimensions: Width 1070mm x Depth 2040mm x Height 300mm

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry with a clean cloth. 
  • Occasional application of a natural-based furniture polish is recommended. 
  • Do not use silicone-based products or other abrasive cleaners. 
  • Because of the natural movement of the timber, it must be expected that the wood will slightly change shape due to variations in humidity and temperature, depending on the conditions of your home. 
  • Therefore, care should be taken to avoid extreme heat conditions, moisture, and light, as this can cause the wood to swell, shrink or start to show signs of cracking.