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Double Butler Sink 800x500mm


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Care & Details

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and for many, creating a warm and inviting ambiance is an important part of designing the perfect kitchen space. Crafted from solid oak with glossy granite benchtops and a rich wood-grain finish, the Orchard Oak Kitchen range is the perfect addition to almost any home. Each piece is bursting with warm and welcoming character as well as provincial, country charm, to bring you a range that will have you falling in love with your space over and over again for years to come.

Dimensions:  Height 220mm x Width 800mm x Depth 500mm.  Weight 48.5kgs.

Fireclay sink dimensions should be used only as a guide, each sink can vary 1-2%. It is recommended that the sink is measured on site. 

This sink has waterfall overflow.


Technical Details
  • Fireclay sink dimensions should be used only as a guide, each sink can vary 1-2%. It is recommended that the sink is measured on site. 
  • This sink includes a 90mm Stainless Steel basket waste, the 90mm waste hole is suitable for an insinkerator. 
  • The sink is designed to be installed undermounted. It can be installed with or without the front exposed, depending on personal preference.
  • Each sink comes with a 3 year warranty against manufacturing faults
  • Double butler sink with waterfall overflow and two equal bowls.
  • Capacity: approx. 32.85 per bowl

Dimensions:  Height 220mm x Width 800mm x Depth 500mm.  Weight 48.5kgs.

Care instructions:

  • Simply use a non-abrasive cleaner to clean your sink. 
  • Like any product your sink will not stay new forever, you will see very fine marks on the surface due to the sink coming into contact with sharp edges on knives and forks etc. A fine car polish can be used to restore your sink.


  • Most cabinetmakers now are quite familiar with the installation of butler and Belfast sinks, so discussing the installation with them is always a good place to start. 
  • Generally the sinks are installed “undermounted” - this means that the benchtop sits on the top edge of the sink. 
  • The benchtop will have a cut-out for the sink- most often with the front of the sink exposed. 
  • Normally the benchtop overhangs the sink by about 1cm.


  • Generally no special support is needed for these sinks. 
  • Our Orchard Oak Kitchen range comes with built in supports to mount our fireclay and composite sink range. 
  • If installed into different cabinetry, we would recommend that the sides of the shelf on which the sink is mounted are supported with a “slat” of melamineor timber below each side for a little extra strength.


  • We recommend that the junction of the sink and the benchtop is sealed with a flexible sealant(like kitchen silicone). 
  • This not only stops any water from running under the bench, but also helps in stability by fixing the sink to the benchtop. 
  • Please note: it is vital that this sealant be flexible, especially with stone benchtops, as the rate of contraction and expansion will differ between the sink and the stone, so these two elements need to be free to move independently of each-other. 
  • Use of a rigid adhesive here will void the warranty, and as such needs to be avoided. 
  • As there can be a 20-30mm space between the sink and the granite, with an open space behind, to seal along the back, it is recommended to install some beading (which is a thin piece of timber) behind where the sink will sit. This will give you some framework to attach the flexible sealant to.


  • All fittings required for simple connection to drainage are supplied. 
  • These comply with all appropriate New Zealand standards and also accommodate any overflows(as required). 
  • This procedure is quick and easy and then connects to standard plumbing fittings.


All of our Fireclay Sinks come with a 3 year replacement warranty (product only) on any manufacturing defaults.

It is the installer/consumer’s responsibility to:

  • Inspect all goods upon delivery or within 24 hours of receipt to ensure all items meet your plumbing requirements.
  • Ensure the product has no visual defects prior to installation.
  • Advise us within 24 hours of receiving the product of any faults or damage

The following are not covered by this warranty:

  • Damage due to accident, improper installation or handling after delivery.
  • Damage to finishes by epoxy and other adhesives/sealants etc.
  • Product not installed to the relevant National Standards & State Regulations
  • Damage caused because plug and wastes have been tightened excessively. Excessive tightening may result in crazing (crazing presents itself as a series of lines or cracks in the fired, glazed surface of the item) and cracking.
  • Installation of the product where the surface has not been inspected and/or is not free from defects.
  • Installation using a rigid adhesive. It is essential that all sealants used are flexible