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Hendrix Ceramic Table 2400 x 950mm


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Care & Details

The stunning Hendrix outdoor dining table boasts all the allure of marble yet with the practicality of tile. Set upon a powder-coated and galvanised steel frame with a chic ski leg, the all-weather ceramic top is perfect for outdoor conditions yet pretty enough for inside if you choose. Generously sized at 2.4 metres in length, the Hendrix provides ample room for the dip platters and wine glasses when entertaining.

Dimensions: Height 760 x Width 2400 x Depth 950mm

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Technical Details:

  • One piece ceramic tile top, sourced from Italy
  • Porcelain glazed finished, which makes it extremely durable and resistant to heat and staining.
  • Hot dipped galvanised Steel base
  • Powder Coated finish
Dimensions: Height 760 x Width 2400 x Depth 950mm
Country of Origin: Vietnam

Care Instructions:

Like all outdoor furniture, these products will keep their new appearance longer if they are protected from the elements when not in use. We recommend using a protective cover or placing undercover.

Ceramic Tile Care

  • For everyday cleaning Clean with warm soapy water and non abrasive cloth. Wipe dry with a clean dry soft cloth.
  • To give extra protection against hot pots, it is always best to use table runners, place mats and coasters.
  • Even though the glazed finish makes the ceramic tile resistant to staining, we recommend cleaning up an spills from any products that are oil or petroleum based, acidic or caustic, e.g. vinegar, citrus, sodas, chlorine, nail polish remover etc. ASAP
  • Don’t use anything abrasive on the top, as it could mark the finish.
  • Avoid cutting with knives directly on top of stone surfaces as it will damage both your knife and your ceramic top.
  • When moving cermaic top tables, always have someone to assist you in lifting the table and lift from both ends. Never drag the table as it can stress and weaken the frame or even snap legs. 
  • Avoid dropping items on the ceramic tile top as it could cause chips or cracks

 Metal Care:

  • To clean any powder coated metal pieces, simply wipe down items with a damp cloth.
  • Dust can be wiped off with a clean cloth.
  • We recommend treating the metal surfaces of these pieces with a coat of rust inhibitor such as Guardsman Weather Defence Metal Protector, following the manufacturers instructions. to increase the longevity of the product.
  • If furniture is to be located in close proximity to the sea, additional care must be taken to avoid damage caused by sea salt corrosion.